Our Custom Approach  

Drawing on our servicing and maintenance experience, we can customise any motorcycle, quad or side by side. Whether it’s a commercial, industrial or agricultural application, we can provide the perfect vehicle for you. We can even provide vehicles that are great for recreational use on the weekend with work capabilities throun in for during the week!


A Polaris machine is an excellent platform to build on to deliver accessability options to all levels of ability, we work with our partners to develop seating, transfer and control systems. We approach each project for a client with a focus on listening to the needs that must be addressed and then developing a mix of customizations that will deliver the expected outcome.


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Joystick Control for Off Road Vehicles

Driving Controls for your Independence Keeping you Active


The Hick Bros Group required a site vehicle to move personnel and equipment around large-scale civil construction sites. Previously they were using a combination of tractors and on-road 4WD vehicles that were becoming expensive to maintain while not satisfying the Health and Safety goals of this dynamic company. 

With an extensive list of customisations, the Ranger Diesel ticked all the boxes. It met all the occupational health and safety standards, it’s far more capable, and it is proving cheaper to operate.

Hicks Bros Group Ranger Diesel

Personal Acessability

We have a passion for giving people the equipment to expand their access to the outdoors. Using the Polaris Ranger 570HD as a base, we installed a set of hand controls to give those with simple issues such as shorter legs the ability to control the vehicle in unstable off road enviroments.

The same control method can be used for those with a spinal injury or with limited mobility. 



Hand Controlled

Working with Fadial Italiana equipment supplied by Total Ability we fitted a thumb controlled throttle to a Polaris Ranger 570HD, the control, feel and quality of this system make it our first choice for any client needing hand controls in a Ranger. Coupled with a hand operated brake control with the engine braking and active decent control features found standard in the 570HD this machine becomes smooth to drive and easy to control.

M1400 Polaris Ranger

Grounds Keeping

The Polaris M1400 is a fantastic machine for those seeking exceptionally high load carrying capability coupled with ease of manouverability in a package with good towing ability. This retirement village was seeking a do it all machine with excellent safety features that fitted the the high quality of the development. using Polaris original accessories we delivered a vehicle that is making day to day life easier.


The call to deliver an RZR Turbo is always a great one and as the leading RZR dealer in New Zealand we know our accessories. Working with a customer who appreciates the best of the best we blacked out this machine and fitted a range of accessories from Icom, Rugged Radios, DragonFire, HMF Exhausts, Pro-Armour and Polaris. Pushing 168hp this is not a machine for the faint hearted.


2017 RZR Turbo




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